Announcement of sale offer of treasury stock to Titan Group executives in the framework of a stock option plan

ΤΙΤΑN CEMENT COMPANY S.A. announces that, in implementation of a stock option plan which was established by virtue of resolution dated 20.6.2014 of the General Meeting of Shareholders and pursuant to resolutions dated 12.5.2016 and 20.3.2019 of the  Board of Directors,  the Company offers to sell to 103 Titan Group executives including 6 executive board directors (over the counter transaction), 234,812 own common Company shares, representing 0.28% of its paid up share capital, at a sale price of Euro 10 per share. The stock option plan, allows the beneficiaries to exercise their stock options rights, in whole or in part, on the first five working days of each month, from May 2019 until December 2022. 

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